Last November with the support of the church, the children and youth were able to help provide Christmas for 84 children in the Oneida School System. It was a last minute project with a big expense, but God always provides! Ball Camp is full of wonderful people who always step up and make mission opportunities happen.
With that being said, we plan to be apart of this great opportunity again! Our goal for this year is be able to help 100 kids. However, we are going to begin the planning process now! To make it easier on our wallets, organizing and making sure we have all the needed supplies, we will be collecting one item each month. At the beginning of each month, the item of the month will be advertised through email, bulletins and found on the donation bin. The donation bin will be located in the back of the Fellowship Hall.
Please remember that these items are for children. For example, when buying hats or gloves, please make sure they are child sizes.
Our February Donation Item will be child size gloves. They can be any color!